Startups have the opportunity to transform the world. Every idea has potential. We can make a difference.

I help startups and small businesses uncover market opportunities, delight their users and scale with a fearless product strategy.


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I’m a seasoned product expert and serial founder with a deep passion for the transformations that occur at the intersection of business, people and technology. I have helped create and build products for a variety of platforms, technologies and industries, including Disney Imagineering, BMW, Capital Group and Age of Learning. As a tech founder, I launched Lupn, a CivicTech platform that launched with government buy-in, a premier, paying customer and 200,000+ users.

Today, I help startups accelerate their growth by implementing the “Fearless Product Strategy”, a strategy framework guided by authentic data (no misleading interpretations) and audacious experiments. Because now, more than ever, we need vision, candor and courage to reach optimal exits.

Born in Brazil, today I live in Los Angeles with my husband and rapidly-growing children.

Together We Thrive Initiative: I’m starting a few initiatives to help the startup community thrive during COVID-19 times. Contact me if you would like to learn more.

Domain Expertise

Product Management

The intersection of business, tech and people. Responsible for setting the vision and roadmap, understanding market and customers, and keeping everyone focused

Product Strategy

Product Strategy is the framework to make a product idea happen, reach product-market fit, or make an existing product scale. It defines the “what” to build and “how”.

Startup Coaching

As a former startup founder, I feel you pain; the startup journey isn’t for the faint of heart. My coaching will help you to stay focused, eliminate roadblocks and achieve the next milestone.

User Experience (UX) Design

Also known as the user’s advocate, UX Design focuses on creating products that are easy and pleasant to use.

User Interface (UI) Design

The right side of our brains, it is where beauty is revealed and colors come to life.

My Process

When engaging in a new project, my first questions are around Research. What do we know about the target audience, competitors, the market needs? Do we have qualitative and quantitative data? Strategy, or planning, turns ideas into actionable items by defining product vision, roadmaps, personas, use cases, backlogs, KPIs, tech stack, etc. The third step is to Build, utilizing design and development. And after launch, the Lean Startup process follows with Measure,Learn and Iterate(continue improving) or Pivot(try a different feature set, market, business model).

Together with this process, I apply Growth Hacking principles to align cross-functional teams, optimize processes and experiment; to continuously uncover new market opportunities and increase customer acquisition and retention.




Work with Me


Would you like to optimize your processes and bring clarity to your product vision? Are you ready to apply The Fearless Product Strategy? Still looking for the product-market fit? Let me help. Here are a few ways to engage with me:

1:1 Coaching / Consulting

Meetings focused on how to bring high-quality product management and design, and how to apply the lean startup and growth hacking principles into your company.

Project Consulting / Interim CPO

When joining on as an interim product leader, I can help you with planning and execution of a project, or build the product team.

Workshops & Talks

As Kufi Annan said, “Knowledge is power, information is liberating.” If you are a founder or an event organizer, my workshops will inspire, improve team collaboration and spark innovation.

Adriana T. Torresan



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